Monday, March 30, 2009

New Reality Show To Decide Next Malawi Adoption For Pop Star, Madonna

Rapidly aging pop star, Madonna, has reportedly partnered with Mark Burnett, co-creator of "Survivor," to produce a reality show which will decide which "lucky" child from Malawi will be her next adoption. Borrowing from the "Survivor" format, the new show will feature a pool of ten female orphans from Malawi who will compete against each other in a series of contests, with the eventual winner becoming Madonna's newest Mini Material Me.

"Some of the contests will be very competitive," according to a source. "Attaching a radio-collar tag to a hungry lion, for example." Others will be more emotion driven, a kind of "cute off", with the most adorable child advancing to the next round, and the least appealing child being sent back to the village and a life of deprivation. "It should be quite an exciting production," the source assured.

The show is scheduled to begin shooting in April for Fall 2009 broadcast.

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