Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jennifer Aniston Sports New Tattoo of John Mayer

Looks like singer-songwriter, John Mayer, has left a permanent mark on Jennifer Aniston. The woefully needy actress was spotted yesterday leaving the Devil Doll Tattoo parlor in Los Angeles sporting a tattoo of a tattooed Mayer. "Angelina gets a lot of press for her tats, and Jennifer thought a little ink might help her image," a source close to Aniston said. "She's also desperate to have Mayer with her at all times, and this certainly is one way to keep him close." Mayer, whose tattoos include a "77" on the left hand side of his chest, a Koi fish on his right outer shoulder, "SRV" on his left upper arm, Japanese art on his left bicep, "Life" on his right tricep, "Home" on his left tricep, among others, declined to comment on Jen's new artwork.