Sunday, December 28, 2008

Regulators Offer Early Peek At Bernard Madoff Assets

Apparently disgraced Ponzi master, Bernard Madoff, wasn't exaggerating when he told federal agents he was completely "broke." A preliminary list of Madoff assets indicates that bilked investors stand little chance of ever getting their money back, sources close to the investigation say.

Here are some of the Madoff assets that will be up for grabs:

* A $113 returned merchandise credit from Bloomingdales

* A gold-plated class ring from Far Rockaway High School

* A video cassette of "Wall Street," autographed by Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen

* Yeshiva University men's basketball season tickets

* A vintage Farrah Fawcett poster (reportedly stolen from his son, Mark)

Sources say a few other items--including a hardwood replica of Madoff's fishing boat, Bull--may be added to the final list of assets when Madoff turns it over to the Securities and Exchange Commission before New Year's Eve.